Flowers are going to be here soon

Even though I’m a huge fan of aerial photography, that doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy other types of photography. One of the less extreme and cheaper types of photography would be flower photography. I like it because there’s no need for expensive drones or anything like that in order to setup.

Flower photography

Flower season is soon upon us. Even though Minnesota is know for extremely cold weather, once that spring and summer are here, you get to see meadows rich with lots of different types of flowers.

Any kind of flowers does it for me. I just go out on a drive, look around for a meadow and I start taking pics with my DSLR camera. Now you don’t need to have a DSLR camera, but it doesn’t hurt to have one for that extra quality photographs. Phone camera or any kind of cheaper digital camera is good enough for a beginner. Soon enough the spring is going to be here and you will be able to go out of the house and start shooting pictures like the ones I posted above. You just have to wait a bit longer.