River aerial photography session

Hi everyone, this is the first post on my blog here and I’s of course going to be about about photographs. I’ll be posting a couple of riverside photographs that I’ve created on recent trips. These were taken on several locations, they’re mixed up, and I don’t have the time to organize them all at the moment so I’ll just post some of them randomly.

As I already mentioned somewhere here on the website, I recently got into river rafting. It’s a work thing actually for building up team spirit or something like that. I’m not saying that I don’t enjoy it. Usually I just bring my photographing equipment with me and in spare time at the campsite I take pictures like the ones above.

Most of these photos were taken on the Saint Louis river near Carlton city in Minnesota. There are rapids there, but there are also sections of the river with calm water, where shots like the ones above can be made. Other photos that aren’t from the Saint Louis river are from smaller river in and around the Minnesota. Like I said they aren’t exactly categorized at this point. I just threw together something to show off. Expect more posts like this in the future. Cheers.